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Deep Analysis

When it comes to finding the best place to launch your crypto business, we don't just scratch the surface. Our approach involves a thorough analysis of your business, understanding your priorities, and evaluating regulatory landscapes. We're here to provide you with a comprehensive recommendation tailored to your needs and goals. We are on Slack, Telegram, and Discord and our pricing is value driven and leaves no room for surprises.

Here are our packages:


Receive a comprehensive business model analysis and a tailored recommendation for the ideal country to incorporate/ relocate your business. We take into account your priorities and regulatory considerations.



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Hassle Free

Experience a stress-free journey with our consultation and thorough analysis, followed by incorporation in your chosen location. From paperwork to procedures, we handle it all, allowing you to focus on your business.



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If you have any custom requirements and/or you need help with other legal issues, let's jump on a call and discuss your needs. Afterward, we'll give you a price estimate for your project or we can agree on an hourly fee.



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Other Support

We're also here to support you with various day-to-day legal matters, guaranteeing compliance, minimizing risks, and safeguarding your interests in the ever-evolving crypto landscape. We understand that every crypto business has distinct needs and financial considerations. That's why we offer flexible and transparent pricing based on a subscription or fixed rate.

Examples Of Crypto Businesses
We Have Helped To Incorporate / Relocate:

A high-frequency trading hedge fund

We navigated through various challenges to assist the hedge fund in identifying the optimal country for incorporation and relocation. After thorough analysis, we recommended a specific European country as the ideal jurisdiction due to its array of advantages.

Our role extended beyond mere recommendations, as we actively facilitated the incorporation process for the hedge fund. We handled the paperwork, streamlined the bank account opening procedures, and secured the essential business license. Moreover, we provided comprehensive support in negotiations with over 20 leverage providers and financial counterparties on behalf of the hedge fund.

NuFi: A non-custodial wallet

The NuFi’s case was complex due to the fact that the platform also includes staking to earn, an NFT gallery, cross chain trading and a dApp connector. In addition to guidance on country choice, we also advised NuFi on token and service classification and helped them with investment documentation.

NFT marketplace

Our client, a DeFi center for decentralized products and services, wished to incorporate a business building an NFT marketplace in a crypto-friendly jurisdiction, with fast processing times, lower costs, and a favorable tax regime.

E-signature service

A client wished to incorporate an e-signature service run on the blockchain. As part of our analysis, we analyzed e-signature and blockchain laws in the US and the EU and possible regulatory obstacles.


We have helped a DEX to incorporate in a country with a low corporate tax, relaxed blockchain/cryptocurrency laws, and low company incorporation and running costs. We also helped the client with drafting internal AML policies to meet local legal requirements.

Vacuumlabs: Smart contract auditing

We helped our client narrow down a search for a country where it could carry out smart contract auditing services, with low company incorporation and running costs and stable regulatory environment.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

We have helped a DAO project to incorporate in off-shore jurisdictions based on their priorities which included: (1) the anonymity of core members towards the public; (2) no licensing requirements or reasonable ones if necessary; (3) exit options in case the local regulation narrows too much; (4) option to effectively own the IP and enter into contracts; (5) Option to set up a local bank account.

We also provided to the DAO day-to-day legal support which included drafting and revising agreements with internal contractors and external partners.